For Good

300x300xkc.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KMhWl8swMzThere is a video going viral today of a voice teacher named Sarah Horn who was plucked from the audience of the Hollywood Bowl last night to sing a song from Wicked with Kristin Chenoweth.  The video is electric and I’ve included the link to her account of the experience on right here.  

In the interview, she talks about how she could feel the entire audience rooting for her, that she was doing what they all dreamed of doing, singing on stage with Kristin Chenoweth.  I don’t think Sarah Horn’s life will ever be the same again.  It’s been changed, for good. (Get it?)

There are moments that happen at live shows, whether it be plays or concerts or even comedy shows, where the moment is so magical, everyone who bears witness to it, whether on stage, or in the audience, they feel like they’ve been active in a rare, indelible experience.  As far as I know, the person who posted the YouTube video did not even know Sarah Horn and you can hear her gasps, her excitement, her thrill.

Even me, sitting at my computer, a little hungover, a little depressed about my job, fretting about that audition last week that I thought for sure I’d get a callback for, I did not know what I was in for when I clicked on the link to the video that my friend Michael posted to Facebook this morning.  I felt like I was in on the magic, too, like I was Sarah Horn on that stage singing in perfect harmony with Kristi Dawn from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  And it reminded me that this world is full of magic, we just don’t always know when or where we’re going to find it.

5 thoughts on “For Good

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  2. That is beautiful. That audience might be frightening, but yes, they are rooting for you. As an audience, we want people to do well, and to buoy us up.

    By the way, “Jolene” at 33 1/3, rather than 45 rpm, sounds really good.

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  5. As you saw from my post, she was invited back to the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday to sing at ABBA fest. She was so grateful to Kristin Chenoweth, the Hollywood Bowl, and the audience that instead of simply saying thank you, she would sing it instead. She sang a beautiful rendition of “Thank you for the music.” I really wish I would have been at the Chenoweth concert!

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