How Did You Get Here?

richard-gere-speedo-briefsMost people who stumble upon this blog find it through Facebook, but people also sometimes find me through google searches.  I’ve reposted all of the known searches that people have made in the last few months.  Some are very specific and others are seemingly random.  As a person who enjoys internet sleuthing as much as the next guy, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who has googled “ralph meeker gay” and “masterpiece board game” and “jessica tandy i’ve gone blind.”  Is there a lesson in all of this?  Probably not, except maybe that at least 25 people (26, if you include me) would like to go on their computer and find a picture of Richard Gere in a Speedo.

All Time

Search Views
richard gere herb ritts speedo 25
jinx monsoon 11
jinx monsoon little edie 10
ralph meeker gay 10
daniel dobson gay 5
sarah horn hollywood bowl 4
linda bailey walsh 4
jinx monsoon facebook 3
easily crestfallen 3
herb ritts richard gere 3
ralph meeker actor was gay 3
asics tigers 3
ray barnhart 2
eve plumb 2
who was pool and two figures made for 2
rich mullins gay 2
jane fonda tuesday weld 2
jinx monsoon as edie beale 2
eve plumb bitter 2
george brett birthday 2
amy grant interview 2
sarah horn interview wicked 2
sarah horn facebook 2
hockney pool with two figures owner 2
edward hopper 2
jan brady is not bitter 2
ralph meeker, gay 2
how to order prints of gottfried helnwein’s “boulevard of broken dreams” 2
sarah horn for good 2
sarah horn voice teacher 2
i promised myself i wasn’t going to get in trouble again 1
jinx mansoon 1
why eve plumb doesnt like brady bunch 1
bette davis daughter margot 1
eve plumb 2013 1
“eve plumb”+”paintings” 1
“eve plumb” “jenny jones” 1
dad you wanna have a catch 1
sandy 1
gay and christian daniel dobson 1
“marie’s crisis” 1
why is eve plumb so bitter 1
vidios and clips of eve plumb from the brady bunch 1
portrait of an artist (pool with two figures) 1
jinkx monsoon little edie 1
“jinx monsoon” 1
does eve plumb act 1
jinx monsoon facebook page 1
dan dobson christian public appearances 1
barbaro rosa bonheur 1
hey dad you wanna have a catch 1
magnolia nyc slice cake 1
gerard ter borch, a boy caring for his dog 1
friends don’t care about me 1
was ralph meeker gay 1
masterpiece board game american version paintings 1
sandy spear headshots 1
violin teacher, arlington, texas 1
jessica tandy paula i’ve gone blind 1
herb ritts poolside 1
eve plumb on jenny jones 1
magnolia chocolate in bottle 1
david hockney portrait of an artist (pool with two figures) information 1
subjective opinion of nighthawks by edward hopper 1
eve plumb paintings 1
amy grant word press 1
amy grant 1
richard gere herb ritts 1
pool with 2 figures” by david hockney. 1
sarah horn kristen chenowith 1
sarah horn voice 1
mary cantwell 1
susan rassmussen died in car accident maine 1
ru paul molested 1
herb ritts richard gere poolside 1
rock hudson and michael butler 1
voice teacher sings with cristin chenoweth 1
roddy mcdowall gay parties house 1
eve plumb cocaine 1
roddy mcdowall well endowed 1
paul newman have affaire with tony perkins 1
roddy mcdowall malibu house 1
sexy english moms 1
jessica phyllis lange 1
ralph meeker 1
you wouldnt even dream that you could dream of amoment like this 1
david hockney portrait of an artist (pool with two figures) 1
kristin chenoweth comments sarah horn 1
samantha eggar 1
chorus line headshots photos 1
sarah horn wicked 1
“ralph meeker” gay 1
marais paris 1
daniel dobson/gay christian 1
hey dad wanna have a catch 2013 when in 2013 1
roddy mcdowall 1
eugene allen obama inauguration video 1
blog stats she knows 1
neewollah movie 1
how do you pronounce catherine keeners last name? 1
longtime companion i just want to be there 1
sarah horn chenoweth age 1
why doesn’t eve plumb do interviews 1
for good kristen chenoweth and sarah horn 1
boulevard of broken dreams with humphrey bogart 1
Unknown search terms 120

7 thoughts on “How Did You Get Here?

  1. “Dream of a moment like this” is a wonderful search to get a hit from. From my dashboard “Top Searches” just now:

    penis tucking, the last judgment bosch right panel, christ temple, clare flourish

      • Neatly covering my spiritual, cultural, trans and scientific interests, these five were together: buddhafield 2013 photo
        bayreuth mime
        using bikini bottoms to tuck cock
        woman’s missions : guide of childhood, george elgar hicks
        if 26.5 million cubic kilometers of ice would melt,what volume of liquid water would it represent?

  2. I just googled, “I remember my prom. I wanted to be queen. I wasn’t.” – just to see what popped up. Lo and behold, there you were. Ahh, Valley Girl.

      • I was so thrilled to see that quote out there on your blog. Love that movie. Love that scene! Totally gay, yes, but totally awesome too. I don’t watch it, but EG Daily from Valley Girl tried out for The Voice –
        She was also a voice on that show Rugrats and voices on other shows. And she’s had quite a bit of work done, but good for her! Anyway, glad you’re out there. We are about the same age and have had some similar experience. I loved your post about rollerskating and pretending to be Olivia Newton John. I had to read it to my sister and say, “See. I wasn’t the only one.” 🙂 Take care.

      • I had heard that E.G. Daily was on The Voice this season, but I had not seen her until I watched the link you shared. She’s still great, isn’t she? And btw, I’m sure you and I weren’t the only two pretending to be Olivia, we’re members of a special club!

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