The Best Donut in the World

My favorite Raymond Carver short story ends with a baker offering a hot roll to a grief-stricken mother and telling her, “Eating is a small, good thing in a time like this.” Whenever I read the story, in my mind, the action takes place in the donut shop of my hometown, Daylight Donuts. I have eaten a lot of donuts in a lot of different towns. Dude’s in Joplin, Donut Pub in my old Chelsea neighborhood, and S.K.’s Donuts at 3rd & Cochran in LA are among my favorite donut shops but hands down, my favorite donut is this one from Daylight Donuts. The place hasn’t changed much since the days I worked at my Dad ‘s gas station and he would give me money to walk there and buy donuts for the station’s staff and customers. It was the only part of my job description at which I excelled. I think they used to call this donut a headlight. The icing to donut ratio is perfect and the buttercream on top makes you feel like you’re eating a piece of cake. It’s small, good thing, for any time.