Morning Swim

If I’m lucky, every morning I start my day with a swim.  About four years ago, I joined a gym with access to an outdoor pool and ever since, swimming has been a regular part of my life. Because I swim, I tend to have a bit of a tan year round and at least once a day, someone will ask me where I got my tan.  I’ll tell them I swim regularly and they will always respond, “Oh, I loooove swimming.”  It amazes me how every time I start my first lap, I instantly feel like a child again.  I’m not a doctor or scientist, (insert best joke here) but I believe we love to swim because it subconciously reminds us of swimming in our mother’s bellies as fetuses.  Feel free to quote me on that.

The other reason I think we love swimming is that it’s sensual.  This blog adheres to a strict PG-13 guideline so I won’t elaborate too much further, but swimming is sexy.  People with attractive bodies look hot in swimsuits. 

I’ve compiled an album of swimming pools, please peruse, comment, if you feel compelled.  Summer’s here, it’s time to dive into the pool!

4 thoughts on “Morning Swim

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  2. Ray, I’m playing post roulette on your blog… haven’t lost yet. So, I also swim nearly every day. It’s the only thing that keeps me tethered to this world… and the thing I got addicted to when I quit smoking. And Zoloft. Do you ever swim at the pool next to the Coliseum in Expo Park? Best in the city.

    • I have never swam at the pool in Expo Park. I’ve visited the Rose Bowl, Culver Plunge and Van Nuys, but I’m always looking for a new pool to change up my routine. I’ll check it out.
      Thank you for the tip.

      I’m glad to hear that there’s another swimmer out there. I started (restarted?) about 4 or 5 years ago and
      I must say, it’s really been a great practice.

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