Sentimental Fool

resized_Elizabeth_Taylor_in_Father_of_the_Bride_trailer1Clearly, I love Youtube.  I could and do spend hours watching different videos online.  When Jim and Pam got married on The Office, they had a wedding flash mob of sorts to Chris Brown’s Forever.  I did not realize until after the fact that it was an homage to another wedding flash mob by a real couple from 2009.  I watched it immediately.  I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats!  If you are the last person in the world who has not seen it, I’m posting it for you here.  It gets me every time!

I spent the evening searching for wedding flash mob videos.  I also found several videos of brides singing a song as they walk themselves down the aisle (with mixed results).  I loved this video of a bride singing The Prayer.  The bride’s got pipes, and I’ll admit she reminded me of a friend of mine, which made me like her more.

I found two wonderful Les Miserables wedding videos.  One American, the other Danish.  I couldn’t decide which of the two to post so I went over my lumpy editor’s head and decided, screw it, I’ll post both!  One Day More!  Which one is your favorite?

I found a few gay wedding entrances, too!  I don't even like Gaga anymore and this one still made me cry.  I'm a sucker for any video with a grandma dancing to Edge of Glory around a swimming pool in Palm Springs to show how much she loves her gay grandson!

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